June 21, 2024
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New Freight Farms Greenery S Ushers in the Next Era of Smart Small-Space Farming

Five Specialized Systems Allow Farmers to Grow Food 365 Days a Year With Complete Control

The Greenery S features an exceptional new farm design.

Earlier this month, Freight Farms, the world’s leading manufacturer of container farming, unveiled its new container farm, the Greenery S. This latest model is the tenth generation of the technology since the company pioneered the small space farming concept in 2013.

Always keeping the farmer in mind, the Greenery S implements feedback drawn from in-depth customer research to execute an exceptional new farm design which, when paired with seamless automation, unlocks powerful performance for all users. The Greenery S combines specialized space, light, air, water, and control systems to make it possible to grow food anywhere in the world, thereby empowering individuals to grow food locally within their communities to decentralize the global food system.

“The Greenery S brings an entirely new level of design, control, robustness, and ease of use to our already industry-leading growing platform. It is built upon the technology we have developed over the past ten years while introducing a fresh suite of features. This farm is not just a refinement of our past models – it redefines what it means to be a farmer,” said Freight Farms co-founder and COO Jon Friedman. “With the Greenery S, we hope to further simplify the process of farming to make the profession as accessible as possible to people around the world.”

Industry-Leading Features for Design, Automation, and Performance

Of all the Greenery S features, the most notable are the re-imagined workspace, the enhanced farmhand® automation software, and the dynamic new proprietary LED technology. 

All-New Workstation – User-Centric Design
As Freight Farms continues to define and refine what a farm can be, the company focuses specifically on optimizing workflow for their farmers with an all-new Workstation, a sleek, self-contained, and multi-functional farm command center.

  • Technical components – water and nutrient tanks, dosing panel, pumps – are hidden from view yet easily accessible with a simple push-to-open mechanism for instant access.
  • The ‘Tabletop Riser’ separates the workstation into two workzones, and includes an integrated, multi-functional LED bar (for tabletop illumination, plant spacing guidance, and task timing) and four full-range Bluetooth speakers.

Farmhand® Recipes – Network Learning & Automation
The latest release of Freight Farms’ companion farming software–farmhand®–takes automation to the next level with the new Recipes feature.

  • Recipes allow farmers to achieve consistent harvests with the touch of a button: Operators simply choose the crop they wish to grow and farmhand automatically adjusts in-farm settings to optimize for that crop production.
  • Recipes are built by aggregating farmer network data and determining patterns that lead to exceptionally successful harvests; meaning the list of recipes will grow as the global Freight Farmer community continues to expand.

Dynamic Lighting Control – Power & Precision for Performance
The Greenery S takes a huge leap in LED technology by allowing farmers to customize the lighting spectrum, intensity, and duration of light to achieve their desired plant yields.

  • The Greenery S features Freight Farms’ proprietary LEDs, which emit light with 60% greater intensity and 50% better efficiency compared to off-the-shelf options.
  • Farmers have precise control over their lights with brand new Eco (prioritizing farm efficiency by reducing power consumption), Performance (prioritizing plant growth for greater yields, and Standard (balances the two) modes.

The Most Versatile Platform in the Indoor Farming Industry
The accessibility and versatility of the Freight Farms platform allow customers to use it in a diverse range of locations and applications. The Greenery S is built with the same specifications as a standard 40-foot shipping container, making it possible to bring and install the farm in any location, such as a city center, tropical island, or area experiencing food insecurity. Once at its location, the 320 sq. ft. container becomes a commercial growing space, capable of producing 2.5 acres worth of fresh food every year. The farm’s elite design, in combination with farmhand®, robust training, and access to an elite support team, ensures anyone can run a successful operation without any prior farming experience.

Freight Farms currently services more than 500 trained farmers across 48 U.S. states and more than 32 countries. For more information, visit freightfarms.com.

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